Robins are currently reading Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman.
Millie says, “I think it’s a good book because we learn about friendships. ”
Dylan thinks ,” I like the book because it has lots of twists and turns. ”
Jessica likes the book because she likes the tasks linked to the book in our English lesson. (We had to write a letter)
Lexi, I like cloud busting because it teaches us that friendships are important.
Paige , I think it’s a really nice book to read and I recommend it to lots of people.
Charlie, I like this book because it has lots of dramatic events.
Amaya, it’s written in the style of a poem.
Leah, We learn new words such as “coward”

Robins Year 4

The Girl who Speaks Bear – Miss Williams

Found abandoned in a bear cave as a baby, Yanka has always  wondered about where she is from. She tries to ignore the strange whispers and looks from the villagers, wishing she was as strong on the inside as she is on the outside. But, when she has to flee her house, looking for answers about who she really is, a journey far beyond one that she ever imagined begins: from icy rivers to smouldering mountains meeting an ever-growing herd of  extraordinary friends along the way.

I absolutely LOVED this book and would definitely give it 10/10. I have previously read The House with Chicken Legs also by Sophie Anderson but I thought this was even better! It took me a while to get into it but once I had started, I couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed how there were stories within the stories which all came together at the end. Such a clever book with a very special ending. I would particularly recommend it to Year 5 and 6 as it is a long read but well worth it.


Miss Edwards – Murder Most Unladylike

For Christmas I received a lovely gift from Evie – her favourite book which she recommended I should read!
The book is called ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ and it is written by Robin Stevens. I must say I really did thoroughly enjoy the book and I can’t wait to read more from his series! It is thrilling and exciting and really gets you thinking all the way through! Thank you so much Evie for your wonderful gift and recommendation!


Miss Edwards Year 6

World Book Week – Book Characters Entries

Wow! So many fantastic entries for the World Book Day character competition.

Rosie – the princess’s secret sleepover. Rosie has made the princess, Lucy and her cat.

Thomas loved creating Bing Bunny from “Bing’s Noisy Day”. It’s a book that we bought many years ago and have recently rediscovered but Thomas is now able to read it independently.

Archie’s book character entry.

Callum’s entry here.

Oliver’s Jack and the beanstalk entry.

Corban’s entry.

Felicity – The Singing Mermaid.

Frankie’s entry below.

Here is Maya’s favourite character – Wimpy Kid.

Millie’s entry below.

Paige’s entry below.

Pippa’s entry below.

Dylan’s book character Varjak Paw.

Kaiden’s entry below.

Seth’s entry below.

Jacinta’s entry below.

Lexi has chosen the book Katy by Jacqueline Wilson. She loves this book because Katy has a wheelchair but that doesn’t change anything she can still have exciting adventures.

Ryan’s character is Ninjago.

Alanna’s worked super hard with help from mum and dad and her sister. This is Alanna with her fav book ‘Giraffes Can’t dance’.

Amaya is dressed as Katara the water bender from the Avatar book.

Chandler’s World Bok Day mummy from Awful Egyptians book.

Scarlett’s entry – Inside Out.

Dora’s entry below.

Esme is still in to Peppa pig and unicorns, so went for a book that has both, and sparkles! Her Dad had to draw the picture for her but she coloured it in herself.

Havana’s World Book Day character below.

Isabel wanted to make the Little Mermaid – she did this all by herself with no help.

Isla’s creation is of a swimming fairy, she has really got in to reading the set of Rainbow Magic books over lockdown, reading a chapter every night, Mum is really pleased with her progress and enthusiasm with her reading. She drew this and coloured it in herself.

Jenson’s wonderful creation here.

Joshua made Mr Bump and the lampost he walked into.

Lukas’ entry below.

Maarya’s entry below.

Reva wonderful Ella Bella Ballerina for World Book Day.

Lily has made Toy Story characters from her favourite book

Freya loves Winnie the Witch.

Katie’s is Ron.

Kennie’s creation is from Roy the Rover.