Year 4

Year 4 highly recommend this book. It’s very moving and has some lovely illustrations. It’s a beautiful story of a girl in a mad mean city who steals a bag full of acorns. To get the bag, she promised to plant what was in in it.

The transformation of the city is an emotional reminder of the importance and beauty of nature- an important and very relevant subject matter for today.

Here are some further comments from our class:
George – It is uplifting, mysterious and lovely.
Max – It teaches people about the importance of nature.
Alexie – It teaches kids that little things can make the world a better place.
Imogen – It’s great for those interested in mystery books.
Scarlett- It’s like an adventure and has a happy ending.
Naz – It was really nice how the story started with a deep and dark setting description but then the city becomes picturesque.
William – It teaches us that if you do something wrong, you still have the opportunity to do something good.
Maarya – It teaches us that the heart can change with one small change.


Year 4 Robins

Tanatswa – Year 5

The Land of Stories – The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer

This book is extremely interesting and I haven’t took my eyes off it. In this book there is lovely illustrations but not many! There is a maximum of 24 Chapters and I recommend that you read it.

This book is about two twins called Alex and Conner Bailey. When their grandmother gives them the Land Of Stories (fairy-tale book) Alex gets suspicious from the sound it makes. They both jump inside the book and find many dangers and fantasies!

Read this book! It is amazing and interesting there’s a whole series!


Tanatswa - Y5

Paige – Year 5

This book is really interesting and nice to read before bed. In this book there is no illustrator because during lockdown JK Rowling put chapters of her book online for children to read then they would draw a picture and JK Rowling would chose one picture to go in the book for each chapter. Children all over the world took part in this.

This book is about a monster called the Ickabog. The monster is an urban myth and everyone has feared it for a long time, although not everyone believes in its existence. We go on a rollercoaster of emotions during this adventure. There are so interesting characters involved and my favourite was Daisy.

Why would I recommend this book?

It is not an ordinary book, it is a nice fantasy story that is easy to read and keeps you hooked, wanting to read more and more! The chapters are short and I read this book really quickly. It was nice to see all the pictures drawn by children around the world. This book was a gift to me and my Dad as we love to read books with each other. We are still finishing off the Harry Potter series (on book 6) and I received the Christmas Pig for my Birthday, which is JK Rowling’s latest book. Can’t wait to read this next!


Paige Antill, Year 5

Mr Lo – Year 4

If you’re a fan of the Birmingham born Benjamin Zephaniah be sure to pick this book up! (I borrowed it from my local library).
Immerse yourself into his footsteps as he tells the story of his move from Jamaica to Southampton. I love the bits where he talks about food tasting different; I can relate to it when I think of British food in China and Chinese food in the UK!
An excellent insight into his life, highly recommended for years 5 and 6.


Mr Lo - Robins

Tanatswa – Kestrels

Babysitter’s Club: Kristy’s Big Day is about when her mother and this man called Watson plan to marry in about a few months but then Kristy’s Mum says that they will be marrying sooner. Fourteen kids will be in attendance and its up to the babysitter’s club to look after them. Amazing book! Highly recommended.



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Tanatswa Kestrels

Firas, Andrew, Daisy G and Krista – Year 4

We read The Street Beneath My Feet written by Charlotte Guillian and illustrated by Yuval Zommer. It is our class reader.

This book is about the different layers of the Earth and what is under our feet, including animals, pipes, drainage, rocks and minerals. We learnt about precious stones, diamonds and gold and how they were made, different types of rock and fossils and the bones of animals found in the soil. Firas’ favourite fact was how hot the inner core of the Earth was. Krista’s favourite page was the part were the animals lived because she liked the detail. Daisy G’s favourite page was the one about the stones and diamonds because she liked how colourful it was.

The book made us feel excited because we wanted to know what was underground. Andrew said, he’d never seen a book like this before as the pages are folded and they are so long… longer than the table! We all decided we would give this book 5 out of 5 stars because it was interesting and had a lot of facts. We would definitely recommend this book for everyone to read.

Firas, Andrew, Daisy G and Krista Year 4

Year 4 Robins

Our class reader is The Street beneath my feet by Charlotte Guillian and illustrated by Yuval Zommer. As a whole class we highly recommend it to you! We’ve given it 4 and a half stars! We have many reasons. First off, It’s very unique, the pages are folded and you have to unfold it all onto the floor. It’s taller than Mr Lo!
Secondly, It has loads of interesting facts, such as, “There are many layers to the earth, after the crust is the mantle.” ” If we dig deep into the ground , we might find coins in the mines!”, “If you dig deeper you might also find precious gems such as an amethyst!”.
Thirdly, the illustrations in the book are, beautiful, detailed and allow us to understand the layers of the Earth. It makes us feel happy, engaged and excited to read.
Finally, this book is suitable for everyone, from Reception to Year 6 and even teachers and other adults.


Year 4 Robins