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Reva – Y4

I really like this book because it is based on Peter Pan.
Martha Pennydrop is trying to grow up after the terrible day (an incident where Scruff couldn’t breathe in the treehouse AKA Guzzlehut)but on a summer’s night Peter Pan appears by their window! Read this book to find out more.


Reva Saving Neverland by Abi Elphinstone

Lexi Y6

I have been reading the murderes ape. I couldn’t get into it at first, but now I can’t stop reading! I’d definitely recommend it for y6 readers + or keen year 5s. It is an exceptionally long book with so many plot twists and is my favourite book I’ve read this year! -Lexi Y6

Lexi Eagles

Emma Year 3

I really like this book because Ms Trunchbull gets scared at the end and Ms Honey becomes the headteacher and the school becomes a better place.
One of my favourite parts of the books is when Ms Trunchbull grabs a girl with pigtails and throws her over the playground fence!

I think this book reminds us how safe our school is and also Matilda inspires us to follow our dreams.

Emma Lo

Lennox – Year 1

Me and my mom read this book together. I really love Snowden and Droplet, they are my favourite Weatherlings because Snowden has fluffy hair like snow and Droplet has a cape and she puddle ports. I love Ray grey because she is adventurous. Nim is her cloud cat and he explodes all the time! Nim is very cute and fluffy. The cover is pretty and the story is very good but I don’t like the rogues. I really think my friends would Like this book.

Moms note – This was a brilliant and fast paced story. I look forward to reading books 2 and 3 to Lennox.



Lennox – Year 1

Me and my mom read this book together. I really liked that there was a very strange old man that held a very heavy red covered book and the old man asked Lana to help him put the book on the top shelf. My favourite character is Briar Rose because she is brave and pretty. I like the Queen as well. I think my friends would like this book too.

Moms note – We really enjoyed this story. It is a great twist on fairy tales with some really interesting details.