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Tanatswa – Kestrels

Babysitter’s Club: Kristy’s Big Day is about when her mother and this man called Watson plan to marry in about a few months but then Kristy’s Mum says that they will be marrying sooner. Fourteen kids will be in attendance and its up to the babysitter’s club to look after them. Amazing book! Highly recommended.



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Tanatswa Kestrels

Firas, Andrew, Daisy G and Krista – Year 4

We read The Street Beneath My Feet written by Charlotte Guillian and illustrated by Yuval Zommer. It is our class reader.

This book is about the different layers of the Earth and what is under our feet, including animals, pipes, drainage, rocks and minerals. We learnt about precious stones, diamonds and gold and how they were made, different types of rock and fossils and the bones of animals found in the soil. Firas’ favourite fact was how hot the inner core of the Earth was. Krista’s favourite page was the part were the animals lived because she liked the detail. Daisy G’s favourite page was the one about the stones and diamonds because she liked how colourful it was.

The book made us feel excited because we wanted to know what was underground. Andrew said, he’d never seen a book like this before as the pages are folded and they are so long… longer than the table! We all decided we would give this book 5 out of 5 stars because it was interesting and had a lot of facts. We would definitely recommend this book for everyone to read.

Firas, Andrew, Daisy G and Krista Year 4

Year 4 Robins

Our class reader is The Street beneath my feet by Charlotte Guillian and illustrated by Yuval Zommer. As a whole class we highly recommend it to you! We’ve given it 4 and a half stars! We have many reasons. First off, It’s very unique, the pages are folded and you have to unfold it all onto the floor. It’s taller than Mr Lo!
Secondly, It has loads of interesting facts, such as, “There are many layers to the earth, after the crust is the mantle.” ” If we dig deep into the ground , we might find coins in the mines!”, “If you dig deeper you might also find precious gems such as an amethyst!”.
Thirdly, the illustrations in the book are, beautiful, detailed and allow us to understand the layers of the Earth. It makes us feel happy, engaged and excited to read.
Finally, this book is suitable for everyone, from Reception to Year 6 and even teachers and other adults.


Year 4 Robins

Tanatswa’s Recommendations


Babysitter’s Club: Kristy’s Great Idea is just amazing! We have it in the school library and I have enjoyed reading it. My little sister Tatenda us reading it and she has told me that it is very good! It is about Kristy, Mary Anne and their newest member… Stacey!! All together they make a club and they will not let anything come their way! I highly recommend this book!

The other book I’m reading is called Where the Wilderness Lives! The book is about when Cara and her siblings go to the canal to find treasure. I just started the book and it is pretty interesting!

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Tanatswa Robins

Troofriend – Mr Lo

I highly recommend this book for pupils in year 4-6. I found it in Kings Norton Library. Have you been there? I love science fiction so this book caught my attention. I think it’s a great book for both girls and boys. It’s about a futuristic android that can is designed to be your best friend. It can’t steal or lie… but guess what… things don’t quite go as expected.
There are lots of great themes and topics to discuss in this book including, “What makes us human?” “What are the importance of white lies?” “How is the language from artificial intelligence different to the language used by humans.”

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Mr Lo

Lexi – Year 5

I have just finished reading The Boy who made everyone Laugh. It was a mix of sad, happy and funny. It’s about a boy who has a stammer and can’t wait to get rid of it. A stammer is basically a stutter but you can’t control it. He really wants to be a comedian when he grows up. But after something tragic happens, he has to perform a show for someone really special I would definitely recommend this book.

My brother and I also enjoyed visiting Kings Norton library over the holidays.

Lexi Lexi and bro

Lexi Millard year 5


Robins are currently reading Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman.
Millie says, “I think it’s a good book because we learn about friendships. ”
Dylan thinks ,” I like the book because it has lots of twists and turns. ”
Jessica likes the book because she likes the tasks linked to the book in our English lesson. (We had to write a letter)
Lexi, I like cloud busting because it teaches us that friendships are important.
Paige , I think it’s a really nice book to read and I recommend it to lots of people.
Charlie, I like this book because it has lots of dramatic events.
Amaya, it’s written in the style of a poem.
Leah, We learn new words such as “coward”

Robins Year 4

Miss Edwards – Murder Most Unladylike

For Christmas I received a lovely gift from Evie – her favourite book which she recommended I should read!
The book is called ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ and it is written by Robin Stevens. I must say I really did thoroughly enjoy the book and I can’t wait to read more from his series! It is thrilling and exciting and really gets you thinking all the way through! Thank you so much Evie for your wonderful gift and recommendation!


Miss Edwards Year 6