Year 4

Year 4 highly recommend this book. It’s very moving and has some lovely illustrations. It’s a beautiful story of a girl in a mad mean city who steals a bag full of acorns. To get the bag, she promised to plant what was in in it.

The transformation of the city is an emotional reminder of the importance and beauty of nature- an important and very relevant subject matter for today.

Here are some further comments from our class:
George – It is uplifting, mysterious and lovely.
Max – It teaches people about the importance of nature.
Alexie – It teaches kids that little things can make the world a better place.
Imogen – It’s great for those interested in mystery books.
Scarlett- It’s like an adventure and has a happy ending.
Naz – It was really nice how the story started with a deep and dark setting description but then the city becomes picturesque.
William – It teaches us that if you do something wrong, you still have the opportunity to do something good.
Maarya – It teaches us that the heart can change with one small change.


Year 4 Robins

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