Paige – Year 5

This book is really interesting and nice to read before bed. In this book there is no illustrator because during lockdown JK Rowling put chapters of her book online for children to read then they would draw a picture and JK Rowling would chose one picture to go in the book for each chapter. Children all over the world took part in this.

This book is about a monster called the Ickabog. The monster is an urban myth and everyone has feared it for a long time, although not everyone believes in its existence. We go on a rollercoaster of emotions during this adventure. There are so interesting characters involved and my favourite was Daisy.

Why would I recommend this book?

It is not an ordinary book, it is a nice fantasy story that is easy to read and keeps you hooked, wanting to read more and more! The chapters are short and I read this book really quickly. It was nice to see all the pictures drawn by children around the world. This book was a gift to me and my Dad as we love to read books with each other. We are still finishing off the Harry Potter series (on book 6) and I received the Christmas Pig for my Birthday, which is JK Rowling’s latest book. Can’t wait to read this next!


Paige Antill, Year 5

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