Demi – Year 6 – The girl who could not dream

Since October we have been using Amazon kids plus also known as fire for kids. It is a phone/tablet app and it is also the kids corner on kindle devices. This subscription includes loads of free (or rather subscription included) games, shows but most importantly BOOKS!!! It has loads of parent control features too. Demi is currently only using the kindle device version which is just books, set to the age range 9-11.

The girl who could not dream by Sarah Beth Durst.
I really enjoyed this book. It is a really good adventure. I really wanted to never put my kindle down. I really liked the main character Sophie and I really want my own monster he is really funny. I definitely recommend this book.

Project Z (3 book series) by Tommy Greenwald.
I really enjoyed this series. It’s the first ever zombie books I have ever read in my life. It wasn’t scary at all totally kids safe and enjoyable. It’s really funny. I would totally recommend this series.


Demi year 6

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