Holiday Reading by Miss Williams

Welcome back everyone. I wanted to post about the wonderful books I have read in the holiday and to let you know how excited I am about World Book Day next week! Unfortunately, we can’t be together for it for this year but please do look out for some interesting activities planned for next week.

The first book I read last week was Attack of the Heebie Jeebies. I read this expecting it to be a scary book but actually it turned out to be quite a heart-warming story of a girl struggling with her emotions. It was also a great adventure story! It was a nice, quick read with some beautiful illustrations which I recommend for Year 3/4 children.

I am a big fan of Tom Percival (Do you remember The See Saw from story assembly?) so I was very excited to see he has a new book out: The Invisible. This was a wonderful story about the impact one person’s kindness can have on other people’s lives. I would highly recommend this to all ages because I think we have all felt a little invisible at times!

I also finally got around to reading A Kid in my Class by Rachel Rooney which has been on my bookshelf for over a year! This is an anthology of poems based around all the different children in one class. I was so glad to read it as it really did make me laugh! I think we have a few similar children in all our classes. It also reminded me of some of the children I went to school with. It was a really enjoyable collection of poems with a few stand out ones which I particularly loved.

I have read lots of others which I will post about again soon. Please let me know what you have been reading recently – I’m always looking for recommendations 🙂

Attack-of-the-Heebie-Jeebies-0.jpg A-Kid-in-my-Class-1.jpg

Miss Williams

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