Monthly Archives: November 2020

A Special Delivery in Year 2

During ERIC today, Miss Williams suddenly appeared, carrying a large, brown box. Excitedly, Toucans watched in amazement as they were shown some beautiful, new books – especially for them to read in class. There really was something for everyone!

Mrs Parry spotted “Journey” from her days in Year 3 and was eager to look at the other two books in the series, realising she would be able to tick off a category on the latest reading challenge!

Toucans thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mrs Parry read “The Book With No Pictures,” It really made them laugh… read the book and find out why!

Enjoying our reading

Recently in Eric Robins have enjoyed reading at some books Mr Lo read as a child (Can any parents remember Rupert the Bear, The Dandy and Dorling Kindersley encyclopedias?) and some new books! The latest book Mr Lo has bought for Robins is the new JK Rowling book, Ickabog. (Dylan was very excited and setup his own reading Ickabox aloud corner.)

Well done to everyone and keep on reading (and updating the ERIC reading challenge)!