Musa – Year 1 – Percy and the Rabbit

This is Musa’s Tuesday homework. He finished reading this book. He explained this story in the end like this:


1.Percy and the rabbit were walking when they saw mice playing in rabbits house.
2. Percy said please don’t play in the rabbits house
3.Percy dug and dug the snow.
4.Percy said where is my scarf? Where is my cap?5.Look, where are my gloves going?
6.Percy saw that the mice were playing in the snowman house and they were playing with his scarf,cap and gloves.
7. Percy said – it’s okay they are just having lots of fun.

2 thoughts on “Musa – Year 1 – Percy and the Rabbit

  1. Sounds like you enjoyed your ‘Tuesdays’ homework, you retold the story really well- great work Musa! ?

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