Ibrahim – Year 3 – The Beast of Buckingham Palace

In the last couple of weeks I have finished 4 Roald Dahl books. “Matilda, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” and “The Magic Finger and Witches”. The best book was The Magic Finger. Now I have started reading this novel called THE BEAST OF BUCKINGHAM PALACE. It has 464 pages and in one day, I have finished 72 pages. The story is about life and death and a boy called Alfred who fought with a big golden beast. It is full of adventure and suspense. I will tell you more about this story in the next email.

Have a good day!

Ibrahim (year 3)

2 thoughts on “Ibrahim – Year 3 – The Beast of Buckingham Palace

  1. What wonderful reading Ibrahim! I’m so pleased to hear you are enjoying different books so much. It will certainly keep you busy to read such a big book!

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