Mrs Knipe – The Five Minute Garden

I seem to be reading a few non-fiction books at the moment. This book was the last book I bought just before we all went into lockdown. It’s a really useful book for a novice gardener like me! It is split into months and gives you lists of jobs to do as well as interesting information and tips. It is also beautifully illustrated and the kind of book that you just like to hold and look through. What non-fiction books are you reading?

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Mrs Knipe

3 thoughts on “Mrs Knipe – The Five Minute Garden

  1. This looks like a lovely book Mrs Knipe. Gardening isn’t really my thing but I did read a very interesting book that sounds a bit similar. The title was Month by Month Stargazing 2019. It was organised a bit like your book; each month there are events to look out for. I am very interested in facts about stars and planets! Happy gardening Mrs Knipe 🙂

    1. Oh now that sounds like an interesting book Miss Williams! We’ve been looking at the stars more and more since lockdown. We tried to spot the satellites the other week and the meteor shower. Tonight I am looking at the flower moon. I may have to look out for that book or maybe we could swap sometime?

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