Mrs Knipe – Notes from a Small Island

Reading for pleasure can also be about re-reading books that you enjoyed in the past. Mrs Knipe has been doing just that while she has been staying at home. In the picture she is holding two books. Notes from a Small Island is by an author called Bill Bryson and is a humorous travel book written by Bill about his travels around the UK. Bill is an American but lived in the UK for twenty years and this book is filled with his travels and the conversations he had with people he met along the way. Mrs Knipe read this book while she was travelling over twenty years ago and she is enjoying it again now. The other book is one that she found on her bookcase while having a tidy – it is a Paddington bear book that she got when she was 7 years old and it filled her with happy memories – she got the book as a prize for having very neat handwriting!! She loved Paddington bear at the time and had a toy bear like him as well. What books do you like to read again and again?


Mrs Knipe

4 thoughts on “Mrs Knipe – Notes from a Small Island

  1. I couldn’t agree more Mrs Knipe! Like you, I also had a good sort out of my bookshelves in the holidays. I re-read my favourite book from when I was nine which Jessica Y3 borrowed from me not long ago. It really made me happy too! I have also enjoyed reading the Harry Potter books again with my niece (via FaceTime at the moment!) Every time I get a new class I read them Eat Your Peas as it is one of my all time favourites! Lovely to hear you are enjoying your reading too Mrs Knipe ?

    1. Ah that’s lovely to hear that you’ve been able to share a book via FaceTime. I’m afraid I won’t be sharing my Paddington bear book as it’s too precious but I must see if you can still get a copy of it. X

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