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I have thoroughly enjoyed my holiday reading and have read quite a few books since my last post! I must admit I put The Explorer to one side as I had so many other books I wanted to start. I will return to it though!

I know Year 5 have read Oranges in No Man’s Land by Elizabeth Laird so my first recommendation is for A House Without Walls. It took me a while to get into but it’s a truly gripping story which I couldn’t put down. In fact, I read it over two afternoons! It is about a family of refugees who discover that it isn’t walls which make a home. I won’t put spoilers in but if you enjoyed Oranges it is definitely worth a read.

The next book I read was The Girl who could speak Bear following Mrs Parton’s recommendation. I really enjoyed The House with Chicken Legs also by Sophie Anderson and this was another worthwhile, enjoyable read. I loved how the story all came together right at the very end!

I’m now reading The House of One Hundred Clocks by A M Howell, which is quite different to the other books I’ve read recently but I’m enjoying the adventure of it! I felt very sorry for the main character at the start as her whole life was turned upside down but I’m now into her adventures and love her courage. It’s a really good mystery story and I recommend it for year five or six.

The final book I’ve read was The Dog who lost his Bark by Eoin Colfer. This is a really heart-warming story which is perfect for anyone who loves dogs! Some of the story is told from the dog’s point of view and some of it from a boy’s point of view. The illustrations are beautiful and I think this would be good for animal-lovers in Year 3 or 4.

I’m off to read the final few chapters of the House of One Hundred Clocks and then I’m going back to The Explorer. Sometimes perseverance is needed with reading! Whatever you are reading, I hope you are enjoying it.

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Miss Williams

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  1. Thanks Miss Williams – I’ll borrow The House of One Hundred Clocks from you when I see you (if that’s ok?) ?

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