Monthly Archives: December 2019

Library time

Friday after school is the time for library club, and as it was our last one of the year, the clubbers enjoyed cups of hot chocolate while Mrs Butterworth read “The King Who Banned the Dark” by Emily Haworth-Booth. Then everyone curled up with a new read or old one, shared stories, and the librarians also sorted out the paperwork that goes with the job! Ruby is up to chapter 5 of “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”, so Mrs Butterworth has some catching up to do in library time!

Bells Farm enjoy their reading!

During ERIC this week Miss Williams went around the school to see how ERIC was going. It was a real pleasure to see all children across all classes throroughly enjoying their reading in lots of different ways. Some children were reading independently, some in pairs or groups and some even reading aloud to a whole group.

Well done everyone! Don’t forget to use the books to fill in your passports!