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Emma – Nothing to see hotel

The Nothing To see Here Hotel
Author-Steven Butler
Illustrator-Steven Lenton
Recently, in the half term holidays I have been reading this brilliant book called The Nothing To See Here Hotel- it also comes in a series. If you are into Steven Butler books, fantasy, trolls, fairies and all of that stuff this book is for you. This book was recommended by Mr Lo, and really is AMAZING! The main characters are Frankie a half-blood (a boy that is half troll and half human), his grandmother (Regurgita) and Nancy the cook, and did I mention she’s a spider, a HUGE one?! The book talks about a hotel that looks well just like an original hotel to humans but in reality it’s HUGE. This is where a little bit of troll magic comes in. A group of troll gathered around and casted a spell on the hotel so the muggle part was all hidden away!

Emma Y4 Robins

Emma Paws and Whiskers

I am writing a book review on the book Paws and Whiskers.It’s a great book by Jacquelin Wilson. It has got a variety of pet stories by other authors including one of her own. My favourite one was the story Leonie. It is about a girl who moved house because of her parents divorce. She never gets to see her friends anymore. She started at a new school and joined a pet girl club (a club with girls that have pets). She pretended that she had a pet called Lulu (an imaginary pet. Name of pet comes from one of Leonie’s favourite authors pet). Her secret gets discovered by this nasty girl Keira who is also in the pet girls club…

Emma Y4 Robins

Olivia and Ayra

The author is Nicola Davies. The illustrator is Laura Carlin. The genre is fiction.
The plot:
1. The place is dull, dry and gloomy
2. A lady had a bag of acorns and the little made a promise to plant them.
3. She planted them and the city began to become happy and colourful.
Started as a gloomy dark city with no rain and no laws. Then it became colourful.

The main Character is a little girl that’s a thief. Her physical appearance is old like a teenager, and she look’s dull.
I recommend this to year 1,2,3,4 and 5
Me and my friends rating for this book is **** .

Olivia and Ayra

Yusuf and Corban

The promise book review by Corban and Yusuf
The author is Nicola Davies and the illustrator are Laura Carlin. The genre of this book is a fiction adventure.
On a mean street, a horrible thief tries to steal an old ladies bag, but she had to keep a promise, which was to plant whatever was in the bag. When the thief opens the bag, there were perfect green acorns inside.
I thought the thief was spiteful, mean and naughty and I feel this because at the start of the book she liked stealing and mugged an old woman and ran off with her bag.
I think this book can be recommended to young readers because it has lots of pictures, and because there aren’t a lot of words on each page. I also think this book can be recommended to adults too, because there is a good moral to the story and excellent vocabulary.
I rate this book **** stars because it has a lot of adjective words and I didn’t give it a five star because  we thought the pictures were quite dull.

Yusuf and Corban Y4 Robins

Jacob and Oliver

This Book: The Promise
The Author: Nicola Davies
The Illustrator: Laura Carlin

The book is a fiction I think it is about a girl who makes a promise and after a while trees started to grow and then when she got older another thief stole her bag and she smiled at the thief and let go of the bag.

I think she was happy with the  beautiful city. We found this book had some difficult words in it so we recommend this book to Year 4 –  year 6


Jacob and Oliver year 4


This book is called The Promise. The Author Nicola Davies and the illustrator Laura Carlin have worked to make this book. It starts as a dark story but has a twist.
The city is dry, gritty and seems like there is no hope. A young girl who is a thief fights a frail, old lady for her purse. The old lady says “If you promise to plant them, I’ll let go.” She just wanted the bag so she replied greedily “All right, I promise.” Then the girl remembered her promise the next day and planted all over the city.
The book is a very moving, didactic story. The illustrations and words match perfectly together. It has a meaningful moral. To keep your promise and good things will happen to you.
I would recommend this book to younger children like Year 1,2 and 3 because of the picture and the shorter writing. Also, it can go to Year 4,5 and 6 because of the deep meaning.
We would rate this book *****.

Shriya Year 4

Anren and Charlie

Book review for ‘’The Promise’’
By Nicola Davies
Illustrated Laura Carlin
Genre Fiction

The city is barren.
Then a girl tries robs an elderly woman of her hand bag.
The girl promises to plant something in the hand bag so the woman lets go.

The main character’s name is Unknown.
The main character’s personality is kind with a changed heart.

I recommend it to year 1 and reception to teach them to preserve the environment.

ANREN rates this book five stars *****
Charlie rates this book five stars *****

Anren and Charlie Y4